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Transfer Window Speculation

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He's coming to LFC so it's Count Doku la

Just a little bit.

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I also think he looks like he’s got some physical development to do. He is very slight at the moment, so I can’t picture him in Bobby’s role holding defenders off to link play. Maybe if he gets bigger and stronger that could change, but I always feel the middle forward in a three has to have an element of physicality.

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37 minutes ago, McBain said:

I'd prefer a buy back as he may not be the right player for us today with this system, but in two years after he's developed and we've evolved, who knows. 

We can buy him for 35 and sell him for 70m, like Real did with Morata

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I think the transfer window might lose its mind any day soon, a big mad transfer merry-go-round where some teams only realise after the fact that they've f***ed it up.

Still doubt it but you could read the club talking about this being a 'unique transfer window' as us thinking there could be some mad bargains near the deadline due to other clubs panicking.

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2 minutes ago, Falconhoof said:

Berlin will be the perfect backdrop for the next stage of his Instagram career. 


10 minutes ago, Rory Fitzgerald said:

Just did a check and see that Karius got a 6 year contract in 2016 - brings him up to 29 by 2022. 

Do we get any loan fees for him or are we just getting some of his wage subsidised. Not that I am losing sleep of course, just curious.

From Union Berlin, hardly, unless they crowd fund him. They're more akin to a co-op than a modern football club. Which is not a bad thing. 

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10 minutes ago, Cam said:

Did Kabak spit at a player today? All I can find on Twitter are references in German. 

He did yes, the rancid little s***bag. We weren’t signing him anyway, and we weren’t signing him even more now. 




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