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Transfer Window Speculation

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He's coming to LFC so it's Count Doku la

Jesus Christ I've posted 1500 times on this thread. I have a wife and child.

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11 minutes ago, cymrococh said:

I'm obviously biased, but let's not pretend that Bale isn't a massive upgrade for them

He is but it’s not too bad that he’s going to a club that is only likely to challenge for 3rd/4th

It would be a different problem if Poch got him around 2016/17 - he’d have been a more transformative signing then. 

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9 minutes ago, Hightown Phil said:

So if he’d never played for us you’d have been lobbying for us to sign him based on last season? 

I’d be looking to take him on loan - premier league experience, he cost 140mil yet we can get him on low wages, low fee as a bench option and no long term commitment. 

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5 minutes ago, Hassony said:

I'd take Dembele, Bale, Perisic or Diego Costa on loan for a season,  and none of them played for us 

Perisic was much, much better than Coutinho so that would make sense. The others would be questionable at best for various reasons. We’re a very different team to the one Coutinho left and he’s been nowhere near this club’s level for a long time now. One of the biggest things we look for as a club is hunger. What’s Coutinho hungry for? Are you going to get the maximum out of him? Anyone who knows the answer to either is guessing, and we don’t guess at things like that

11 minutes ago, growler said:

I’d be looking to take him on loan - premier league experience, he cost 140mil yet we can get him on low wages, low fee as a bench option and no long term commitment. 

They just sound like a load of reasons to steer clear for me. Like a long list of reasons he’d be doing us a favour.

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15 minutes ago, Maldini said:

Telegraaf journo saying Gini is staying 


Starting to think this is true now. It’s a bit teenage internet footy fan, but I would love someone to ask hendo or gini whether that pic of them from last week really is them celebrating gini saying he’s staying.

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9 hours ago, Sion said:

There's only 2.5 weeks of the window left and it feels like there haven't been any rumours for weeks, let alone actual deals getting close. Are we just to assume nothing is going to happen then? Because if they are then surely it will have to start moving soon. 

It hasn't felt like anything singinificant would be happening for 2 years now.

7 hours ago, Hightown Phil said:

If Coutinho hadn’t played for Liverpool would anyone suggest we sign him? I don’t get what other basis there is for thinking we should get him. 

I don't want him back and if we were to enjoy the pleasant fiction that Klopp had anything approaching a free hand in the transfer market then I doubt he would either and he probably still doesn't anyway.

But as a lad who just chats stuff on a forum I'm not going to be critical of people proposing the fella with however many caps for Brazil, with whom I and they also just happen to be familiar, over someone like Perisic who I've never knowingly seen kick a ball.

4 hours ago, growler said:

Or he’s hungry to atone. Realises his missed opportunity and has something to prove. 

all good reasons. 

I doubt that would even be remotely part of his thinking. He would just be coming back as a failure to somewhere he tried very hard to get away from.

Edited by kop205
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32 minutes ago, Kid Klopp said:

They are. 

Bale seems to have a very rational dislike for them though. Not the first time he's snubbed them. 

Ha ha. Was just about to post that no hatred of Manchester United is irrational but you got in first with the edit!

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