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Anyone had to deal with these c*nts lately?



Got a parking ticket when my wife overstayed (by 20 mins) at Burtonwood services. It was after the Liverpool v Watford game. I was getting a lift there and she had come down from Preston and was waiting there to pick us up before we headed back down south.


Just before we got to the services there was a massive crash on the motorway and it shut all 3 lanes on both sides. Took almost 2 hours to clear - my Mrs was oblivious to the potential parking issue (ignorance no defence etc) and was just sat in the car on her ipad for the duration waiting for us - I mean who would ever spend 2hours+ in a Service Station car park by choice? 


Anyway - got the fine. I've appealed via their s***ty website. They have no email contact, no telephone number. Each time I send in details of what went on I get an automated response. 4 times they've come back to me requesting the name & address of the driver, which they've been given every single time - it's fecking daft.


Just wondering if anyone had dealt with these pricks before and had any tactics of dealing with them/better getting hold of them?

- sorry, Mods. My bad.


can you switch this to the Genny? ta

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