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On Talksport this morning, they were debating a rule change to introduce orange cards. This would be in essence a 10 minute sin-bin for the player at which point the incident could be reviewed by an official in which time if was deemed to be a red-card, he was off. It was basically to make sure that people weren't sent off erroneously. I didn't think it was such a bad idea but I'm against rule changes in general. I just think better officiating is better. But it was an interesting idea.


Then it got me thinking. I can remember an effort in the 70's to just make offside in the final 18 yards of the pitch which obviously wasn't adopted permanently. Years again there was apparently a requirement for three players to be between the ball and the goal and not two like it is today. In line with it was adopted a while back rather than behind the ball. There's also the goal line technology thing now which I think is universally considered a success.


What about other ideas? Given that players (goalkeepers in particular) were so much smaller when the rules were written, wouldn't it be logical to have proportionately bigger goals?

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