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Some testimony from a Villa fan - and there are dozens like it.


" I had some contact with him. Once at the age of about seven. I was standing on my seat in The Trinity Road end when a wayward clearance from a Villa player (could have been Derek Mountfield) cleared the pitch and hit me smack in the face knocking me backwards over several rows of seats. What I didn't realise in the haze that followed was that Graham Taylor had seen this from the dugout and sent a steward up to get my name and address. A few days later I was sent a whole load of Villa goodies in the post by him, signed by the first team."

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very unlucky to manage england at a time of scant playing resources with his only good player injured


Not too sure I agree. He took on a team that had just reached the WC semi and there was a good crop of players to work with. Does not however diminish his achievements at Watford and Villa.


May he RIP.

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It turns my stomach to hear media referring to him as "a true gentleman" this morning.


The hypocritical little cnts. Think back to how disgracefully they treated him when it was important ... you know, he was actually alive and walking this earth. Then, he was a turnip ... and worse. Now he's passed, he's "a true gentleman". Fck off.

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