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Restaurants - pt.36

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The fayre on offer is so unhealthy it's no surprise.

I think that's true to a certain extent, but the alternatives available from supermarkets and the likes of McD's and Subway are obviously just as bad. I think cost and the fact people are more happy to cook at home themselves is the main thing.


I really like the curry I get from the takeaway, but I can't remember the last time we got it. Even then we have started doing our own brown rice and just getting mains and naans.

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I was going to make another Cast pun but can't think of any other songs other than the 3 already mentioned. Lovely fella John Power I'm sure, but didn't have enough to carry his own band.

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I saw John Head play a few years ago at a pub in Stretford (FFS) and his band hadn't turned up by the time he went on. So, started off solo and then was joined one by one by his band as they arrived. It was only by the encore that he had a full band. It was a great night.


And Shack on Cup Final night from 2006 with YNWA's very own C Clown - another great night.

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HMS Fable is in my top ten albums, I think.

It'd be in mine too except I'm still devvoed by the knowledge it was recorded on Goldhawk Road and I must have walked past the pub they were in every day they were doing it to my gaff in shepherds bush.


If I'd have known...


Maybe it's for the best I never.

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His stuff really falls into place when you get on to him only giving the briefest details and leaving you to fill in all the gaps yourself. I'm not sure there's anyone else who has managed that particular little art form better.


I wouldn't go that far. That reads like explaining poetry to a child.

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