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It’s a don’t panic buy

£40m for Willy and £55m for Nilly. 

Immobile rumoured to replace Suarez at Barca. Not sure if this rumour has legs. Lazio say Immobile is not going anywhere.

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Aguero has been f***ing incredible for City hasn't he? I mean I know we all know this but i just looked at his stats. 20 league goals in 6 out of 8 seasons. Had played at least 30 league games in 6 of his 8. Got or or near as dammit got 30 goals in all competitions in 7 out of 8 seasons. 231 goals in 338 games for them in total.


I really, really hope he gets a terrible injury. For everything else they've got, he is the one they still rely on and even these last couple of seasons when they have t****** everyone he has been the one more than anyone else to get them over the line. He's been that 'One player you would take from another side' pretty much since he arrived here, the c***.

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Spurs about to sign Dybala. Great signing for them though it must be screwing up their wage structure, surely?



They just got a lucrative new shirt deal and apparently their stadium repayments are only £25m per year


plus they spent naff all last summer. I guess their wage structure has had to be adjusted 

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