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The golf thread (put all your sh*t in here and Stevie H is banned)

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I was hoping you'd smashed the ball into his face rather than into the bushes.  One less golfer to worry about

You could have put a 4 iron through his face with a 2 shot penalty, I believe 

Not sure I've ever thought about the connotations of the name but regardless of the intent behind the naming of it the sensitivities it is provoking are obviously legitimate so just rename it. Re

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McIlroy psyched himself out of that big time, tried to match Spieth hole by hole and when he fell behind at the third (?) he lost the plot entirely. Spieth talked yesterday about how it was not a case of playing each other, that it was how he would be playing the course, he did that, McIlroy didn't  Same attitude on Sunday and he wins this hands down.

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Pretty incredible watching Spieth clearly out of form from a ball striking perspective (he must have taken one hand off the club about 5/6 times, made mistakes with his short game and carved it right or left loads of times) yet still put a decent score in; any other player in the field would have gone round in about 80 hitting it like he did. I don't think I've ever seen a better putter from 15 feet and in, he's an absolute machine with the short stick. And to be so consistent holing out with the greens playing so quick and the pins where they were yesterday, McIlroy couldn't get his head round it and eventually crumbled. Rory is a brilliant ball striker but Spieth is so much smarter. For some reason I just can't take to McIlroy either. Amazing Tom Watson-esque stuff from Langer at nearly 60!

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He's a decent guy Leo. I've spent some time with him and he's just a humble and quiet bloke. I'm not too keen on his handlers mind. I think he's a bit gullible and naive so he trusts all sorts. He got talked out of leaving Chubby Chandler and then fell in with two questionable sets of advisors after that. I'm not entirely confident that the present set have his true interests in mind.


Kop205 is right though. He is a massive Manc. It's a shame that Darren Clarke didn't get his hooks into him earlier and set him on the path to righteousness.

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Cracking hole in one on 16 from Lowry



As opposed to a bit of a rubbish hole in one? :D


I keep trying to back players to come and challenge Spieth, only a couple of quid to add a bit of interest as Spieth bores his way from start to finish again - but as soon as I do it, they screw up.

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