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Tell you who/what I hate...

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I paid half for mine because I ate a fair bit of it out of pure hunger, and the chips were alright. Also paid for the drinks. My favourite part was when the waitress said "Well I had the crab s

Bit rude

We've always given you this

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Hotel-bloody-California by The Eagles... I'm being forced to learn it because the people I play with think music stopped somewhere around 1976.


This song, and anything by Rick Wakeman is why the Punk era began!


Are you in a band with fyds?

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People who sit on the outside seat on a really crowded rush hour train, and have to be asked to either move in or get up so some one can get to the inside seat. (This request is usually met with either rolled eyes or a fake pretend shocked looked as if they didn't realise that the train was completely rammed like it is every day.)


James Milners corners.

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