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This is more like it 

Went and got two dogs today from the rescue centre. 1-year old female called Sophie and another 1-year old little mad bundle of fun with three legs called, harshly, Wuhan. Sophie had been abandoned to

My family and I have had quite the adventure this past few months. We had been planning our move to the North East coast of Florida for many years. Our son was settled in at the University of Central

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Those closely following my escapades earlier in this thread will note I am a single youngish man. Which basically means pyjamas are all I wear when I'm at home. Why would you wear anything else.


Just the bottoms tho. Obviously. I'm not a sexual deviant.

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Evangelical pastor and social media personality Joshua Feuerstein wasn’t happy with the new design. He posted a video on Facebook November 5 saying he’d walked into an Arizona Starbucks legally carrying a gun, ordered a drink and told the barista his name was “Merry Christmas”. The barista followed Starbucks protocol and wrote “Merry Christmas” on his cup.

In the video, Feuerstein says Starbucks hates Jesus and that he’d tricked them into putting “Christmas” on a cup. He asks viewers to start a movement by buying drinks and giving their name as “Merry Christmas,” then posting the results with the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks.



Dear f***ing Jebus



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I had to buy pyjamas and a dressing gown when I went to hospital, that was weird. I tend to stick with the t-shirt and shorts indoors.


Our neighbours are unashamed of their pyjamaness, popped round the other day and they were in matching Disney onesies at about 6pm, they invited me in for a cup of tea and everything.

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I own one pair of PJs but I onl ever wear them to eat my breakfast in. And even that only happens about once every couple of months (the wearing of the PJs, not the eating of breakfast).

you put the pyjamas on when you get out of bed to have breakfast in them?







seriously though...Dave Gorman. Whats that all about?

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