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Hmmm. I've given this some thought and I think on balance you're right to err on the side of disapproving of all black shoe/denim combinations.


I'm not really sure what footwear would look right with black jeans you know. Which is among the reasons why I don't own any.

Only blokes with motorbikes should wear them and only whilst riding it.
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This is more like it 

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Too many rules


The main reason for having rules in menswear is the overwhelming body of evidence that, left to their own devices, the majority of men are incapable of dressing themselves in a way that's even vaguely aesthetically pleasing.

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what about Black Suede Desert Boots and Jeans(of the darker blue variety)


Personally I think brown looks better but the main problem with black shoes and dark/navy jeans is the formality, black shoes are inherently more formal than brown which is part of why they look off with jeans. Suede is less formal so doesn't have quite the same problem.


The main thing is to not really give a f*** what anyone other than yourself thinks.

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Where does the forum stand on shirts and jeans, to tuck or not to tuck?


Very much depends on the shirt and the type of jacket (if any) you are intending to wear with it.


In general, an even hem lends itself to being untucked and an uneven hem (more likely with a shirt that appears dressier anyway) lends itself to being tucked. But depending on the shirt and how well it's fitted, you might get away with reversing that general rule.


If you're wearing any form of tailored jacket over the outfit, I'm never going to accept you having your shirt untucked.

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Even I can agree that it is probably for the best that OM doesn't concern himself too much with what other people think of him and his life choices.


You know more people will find issue with your pocket square than they will with black boots and jeans

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For funerals and weddings, that sort of thing?


Well no. You'd be wearing a suit to those, so obviously you're tucked in. 


Was talking about a blazer with jeans - your shirt should always going to be tucked in with that combination, even if you'd go for an untucked shirt with jeans if a different jacket was involved.

Whatever man, you're not the boss of me.


I don't make the rules, so I can't enforce them. More's the pity. Still very much going to look down my nose at those who don't follow them.

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