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Herzlichen willkommen Herr Klopp

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Jurgen Klopp on life in lockdown: "I didn't learn a lot in lockdown, other than Gary Neville has an opinion about absolutely everything. It is incredible."

It was after he got off the phone to Fyds

I love this man so much, a joy to watch his interview tonight. He’s an incredible person and what he’s done at our club in his time here is hard to believe. It was always going to take someone special

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In 5 short years he's taken us from being a Europa League side to Premiership, European and World Champions - with exciting attacking football on a relatively modest budget. And he's a bloody lovely guy. 

Pretty much perfect. 

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Should get a statue. 

Like he was literally the one we all wanted when it was seemingly (but probably not) between him and Carlo. But to think we’d ever win the league again seemed hard to imagine them. 

What a genius he is. 

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I really wondered if I would get to see us win the league again after last season. 

Imagine being shown what the league table would look like in January 2020 on that day in May last year. It really makes no sense what we have done this year.

I never thought I'd love another manager like Rafa but Jurgen has proven to me that it's possible to love again.

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He’s not just changed our lives, I think he’s changed the players’ too. Being able to be part of bringing the title back to a club with the kind of worldwide following we have after 30 years, as a professional it surely can’t get much better than that? I really don’t know whether players like Robbo for example would have become the world beaters they are without him. 

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"pipped Gareth Ainsworth". 

I mean, FFS. 

Edit: world champions. Actual world champions. Pipped Gareth Ainsworth, my a***. 

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