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Some RIPs

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Yeah, but the Dionne Warwick version is way better.

Yeah that goes without saying really.


She made a few good records - Step Inside Love, You're My World, Alfie. But all better in other hands. Apparently Burt Bacharach got totally fed up.

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Who did a better version of Step Inside Love? The Beatles?

Steve Dawson of Saxon recorded a version on his 2003 Pandemonium Circus album, which I think was far superior, especially the bass work.


You saying he had her off'ed???

I couldn't possibly comment.
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Alright Phil, where's your salacious dead-celebrity tittle-tattle?


I heard that Thatcher never mopped her floors because she started to melt, and Frank Bough once got caught with his gentleman sausage in a mangle.



phil's one of them haterz who used to pooh-pooh every last popbitch rumour. bet he never even believed the chazbaps story.


I don't know what the chazbaps story is, but I really want to.

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