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The US President

New York Red

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This will be a long one. As of today, the candidates are (both official and unannounced):


Hilary Clinton (D) (The clear Dem frontrunner and probable winner at this time)

Martin O'Malley (D) (Good guy, long shot)

Bernie Sanders (I) (Radical candidate for the US. Will ask great questions)

Jim Webb (D) (Outsider. Possibly the best candidate of all)

Ted Cruz ® (F*cking Insanity Party, I hope he gets totally disgraced)

Rick Perry ® (Cleaned up redneck)

Bobby Jindal ® (Clueless, rubbish and a hypocrite)

Scott Walker ® (A complete and utter w*nker)

Jeb Bush ® (Surprisingly good candidate on the R side)

George Pataki ® (Your time has passed)

Ben Carson ® (Great doctor, complete k****ead)

Chris Christie ® (Rude b*****d, could be decent but is too full of himself)

Carly Fiorina ® (Multiple loser, no chance)

Lindsey Graham ® (I'd love him to make a good run of it, but the US isn't ready yet)

Mike Huckabee ® (Jovial, nice fella. Really, a horrible scumbag)

Rand Paul ® c*** job, but I can't totally write off Libertarians)

Marco Rubio ® (Golden boy. F*ck right off)

Rick Santorum ® (The worst of the bunch. Despicable)


20 years from now, the US political scene could be so much better. Demographics are going in the right direction. In the meantime, the elections will be a bi contentious.


Let the games begin.


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