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Star Wars - all of it


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I must admit that I'm not one of the fanboys, but have recently read 4 volumes of the graphic novels. These where set in the period just after the death star was blown up. Had anyone read any of the rest of the star war books? Are the clone wars any good ( just ordered a load of works of books). Which other ones would you recommend.

You never know, this may even get me excited about the movies

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If you're after graphic novels then start off with the 'X-Wing' series. They'll tie into a series of books further down the line but they're also good.


For books start with a trilogy by Timothy Zahn: 'Heir to the Empire', 'Dark Foirce Rising' and 'The Last Command'. They're brilliant. Those are the books that basically relaunched Star Wars before the prequels. In many ways they are the sequel trilogy before these new films came along. All of the expanded universe stuff came about because of them. Once you've read them then pick up the X-Wing Books. There's about 9 of them in total and they bridge quite a wide timeframe but they'll help fill in a lot of the blanks you'll have.

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Can't comment on novels but there have been s***loads of comics series over the years published by Dark Horse. None are exactly great, but if you're into that stuff some of it is at least readable. I'd hurry if you want to buy any though. Dark Horse have lost the license and won't be allowed to reprint anything, so what's in shop stocks at the moment is all there is.


Disney will no be publishing new comics through Marvel starting in 2015. They have the rights to all the old Dark Horse series and have said if there is sufficient demand they'll consider reprinting. But I'd not hold your breath. After all, thanks to Disney wiping the entire Expanded Universe from continuity, none of this stuff is canon anymore.

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I bought the first issue of that series which was apparently based on Lucas' original screenplay and character designs, it seemed like an interesting idea.


It was immediately clear why he changed it for the actual films.

Yeah, I started and gave up on that. Was all over the place.

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