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The Supremes

baja the hut

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Had a Motown Gold 3 CD compilation on my MP3 a year back and surprised myself at how awesome, even in that exalted company - Marvin, Smokey, Stevie, Levi - virtually every DR/Supremes track was, to the extent that I filtered them as a separate playlist. Soul, Pop, Dance, Ballads - had everything.

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I love them.


I love Diana Ross. Melts my heart man.


That is all.


couldn't agree more


have you heard the Supremes live at the Copa in 65? Check out the Sam Cooke medley - Dianatastic


One of the greatest singles band of all time.


Yeah, and loads of great Diana singles between 70-80

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There is a Supremes cover of the Smokey Robinson penned, but Temptations recorded, Get Ready which catches me emotionally every time I listen to it, No idea why because it isn't especially soulful or poignant, it isn't a tearjerker of a song. I've listened to it any number of times and I've never quite pinned it down but I think it's a lot to do with Diana's plaintive vocals and the fantastic rising bass run that underpins the chorus, it just hollers out a swelling confidence and certainty in the face of someone who is clearly a fickle and evasive object of Diana's desire. It says something glorious about the human spirit in a really simple way. Maybe I've over analysed it but it just gets me everytime. It's magnificent.

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What does 'clumped' mean?



Bloody wool. The article is inaccurate actually, Diana Ross was playing the big 'I am' when she was told she had to go through a search and got in a row with the security girl (Sally) which ended with her slapping her face. Sally immediately smacked her back (clumped) only harder! Diana Ross burst into tears and screamed the house down, in the end Sally got a reprimand the police let Ross off with a warning and that was that until the press got hold of it.


I spoke with Sally shortly afterward the incident, she deals with celebs all the time but reckons has never encountered as nasty a piece of work as Diana Ross

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