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Welcome Lazar Markovic


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Tony Barrett was saying that it's mad how little attention this signing is getting. Reckons he's the most exciting signing we've had in years.

Third hand admittedly as I've barely seen him, but guy I know has links with Benfica and they reckon he's the biggest talent Portugyese football has seen since Ronaldo.


There was also something with Chelsea at one point, no idea what though.

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It might soften the blow when he finds out he gets a free towel when he buys the third shirt.


"So what made you decide you wanted to play for Liverpool?"

"Well, the club has a rich history, and they're back in the Champions League, plus the Premier League is the best in the world - that and no one else was offering me a towel"

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Think a lot of defences are going to be terrified by our pace next season. With him, Raheem and Sturridge charging around them, with Coutinho's through balls..theres going to be carnage.


Oh dear. That's f***ed it.


This whole "The Markovich" thing is making me hate him


The Ev

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