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Tuesday's WC matches


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Fernandinho and Coutinho can feel hard done to.

Where is Fernandinho? Is he on the bench with Willian?

Get Fred off. He's complete muck. Is he married to the managers daughter or something! He's s****.


Mexico got the upper hand.

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Looks like the refs under orders to reduce Mexico to about 8 players. Handing out yellows for nothing now to mexico.

I'm starting to dislike this Brazil team. Coutinho and Fernandinho are miles better than whats on show.

In fact Coutinho is EXACTLY what they need.

Can't see them getting past the quarters without massive help from the officials if they continue like this.

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yep, available on a free transfer from Ajaccio


Looks good, his save from Neymar was great


How Paulinho starts in front of Fernandinho is beyone me.


Agree, I expect Brazil will win this but Mexico have been in the ascendancy for the majority of the game

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