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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.

Tuesday's WC matches


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We don't f***ing care about Twitter you tedious bellend. You're not on the radio,some dead air would be nice. Do you get paid by the word?


Why do they always have to try and shoehorn some boring s**** about "social media" into everything? It's dull beyond belief.

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Not sure what it is about Neymar,but I find him really irritating.

The little twerp.

I know what you mean. He's deffo not the finished article either. Seems like that annoying kid in school who's brilliant at dribbling and never f&&kin passes. Saying that his goal scoring record for brazil is amazing.


Gotta be the worst forward line Brazil have had in years.



The pitch was a f***ing bog


He was f***ing dreading it......are we on air, oohhh.

: ) Ahh I miss RTE

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