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Premiership betting


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Right - this is for those who have been discussing the change in odds recently (i.e. DH, EH, Rory etc.).


If we agree that current widely available odds for the title are as below, what do you think will happen to them following Sunday's game.





LFC 1/6

MCFC 5/1

CFC 33/1



So if Liverpool win, what will those odds change to? Likewise with a draw and a Chelsea win, what kind of movement will you expect?




I'll have a stab (sitting in the sunshine in a pub garden, not using a calculator!)



LFC win


LFC 1/10

MCFC 8/1

CFC n/a


CFC win


LFC 1/2

MCFC 7/2

CFC 8/1





LFC 1/4

MCFC 4/1

CFC 33/1





DH & EH - most interested in how you think things might move - but anyone else want to have a stab. There's a prize for whoever gets the closest*.













* There isn't.

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Probably about right. There's also the City game immediately after ours so prices might not be quite as expected and only available for a short period of time.


If we win and City don't, i think we'll see someone payout.


Palace are 6-1 to beat City at home. They've equaled Utd's record of 1-0's in a season.

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