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Breaking Bad

New York Red

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I'm working my way through the show for the first time since it was first on the telly. My missus is seeing it for the first time.


It is even better than I thought it was. The detail is brilliant. Even the characters who play minor roles in it are brilliantly casted and the dialogue is great.


And Jesse Pinkman is absolutely phenomenal.

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It's too slow.


Second season is a mess, too. Think they handle the political threads poorly. The on-screen texts were a nice touch from the start, though. Damn site better than the mahoosive onscreen graphics in Sherlock.


The Wire has some real low points, too, but is generally superior. Mad Men is brilliant. Might be the Seinfeld of drama sometimes ( " a show where nothing happens " ) but it's always where it should be. Deus ex machina has no place in Mad Men. The West Wing is very good, although there are probably too many stand alone episodes and nuclear crises resolved in 45 minutes.

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We need a@a back on here to update his ranked list of us tv shows.


They'd all get to be ranked first in their own genre.


I love the first 4 1/2 series of The Wire more than any other telly. Gutted by the last half of season 5.

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