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favourite goal celebrations

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aye...Espana 82 was just f***ing marvelous.


I can remember Duncan Disorderly crying after Italy beat Brazil.

Dino Zoff saving Socrates' header on the line. I'll never get over it. I absolutely adored that Brazil team. Spain '82 was fantastic.


And me too with Falcao's veins, they were freaky as f*ck.

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Spain 82 was magnificent. Probably the first tournament i can remember with all that colour, sun, players with exotic names...and it was the first time there was live football on tv every day. Home from school, football match on the tv. Awesome. The official football with the flag panels didn't last long.


Josimar in 86 was a memorable celebration. The two goals Brazil scored against Russia were superb. Socrates and Zico.


Watched the Caniggia / Massing incident recently and as Massing is about to put his boot back on after the challenge, the Argentine no 7 snidely steps on his foot.

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