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yeah, truly amazing stuff coming out today. incredible.

Incredible that he's sitting there admitting it all, it just confirms what we knew though.

Mansfield QC asks Insp Sykes why he didn't admit 'The Truth' story of robbed bodies was false: "I've never been asked before."

F*cking c*nt.

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David Conn @david_conn 5m5 minutes ago Hillsborough Inquest: Mark George QC: It is a "scandal" that the [dangers at Hillsborough] allowed to continue unchecked. Insp Sykes: "Yes"


David Conn @david_conn 4m4 minutes ago


Hillsborough Inquest: Insp Sykes has agreed that Sheff Weds, the FA & South Yorkshire Police were "playing Russian roulette" with fans lives


David Conn @david_conn 3m3 minutes ago


Hillsborough Inquest: Mark George QC: "A disgrace it took the death of 96 people before authorities finally took notice?" Insp Sykes: "Yes"


David Conn @david_conn 56s56 seconds ago


Hillsborough: Mark George, families QC, to Insp Sykes: "And that [disaster was foreseeable] is the real truth about Hillsborough?" Yes sir.




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David Conn @david_conn 17m17 minutes ago Hillsborough Inquest: Trevor Hicks: Police officer he believes was Supt Roger Greenwood, ignored his requests to do something about 'pens.'


David Conn @david_conn 11m11 minutes ago


Hillsborough Inquest: Trevor Hicks seeing the crush where his daughters were, asked policeman to help. Replied: "Shut your f***ing prattle."




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Part of the account of one LFC fan - an off duty police officer - who was there that day








When he came in he says he did see police officers by the gate.


The court is shown a picture of the entrance to the tunnel which he accepts "is the obvious way to go in onto the terraces".


The court hears he described the area on the terraces "looking like hell".


He said it was so hot he took his coat off and threw it over a fence.


He said: "There was an intense heat and there was a terrible smell in the air."


The court hears some police suggested there was a powerful smell of stale alcohol because people in the pens had been drinking.


He agrees with Mr George he said: "People had been sick and had excreted in the crush. The smell was terrible and lingered in the air."


He agrees this was better described as "a smell of death". He says it was not the smell of a pub. It was something much worse than that.


He said he put a shirt over the face of a dead man to preserve his respect on the pitch. He tore his shirt to do this.


He wanted the man to be identified so he put his wallet on his chest so that he could be identified.


He said: "Thinking about this now this may have looked like i was looting the dead."


He agrees somebody being "uncharitable" might think that.


He says this troubled him with photographers taking pictures that maybe it found its way onto the Sun. "I had maybe photographers photographing me or something and it's one thing that's troubled me."


The family of Hillsborough victim Gary Church have asked Mr George to pass on their thanks to Mr Allen for what he did that day. Mr George says: "I doubt if I'm the only one who feels that way."


Mr Allen starts to cry.


Mr George says he is a rare creature that day as a serving police officer and a Liverpool fan. He was perhaps better placed that many to assist with the inquest.


In his statement he said: "In my view the disaster at Hillsborough was not caused by the fans arriving late. The problem was a lack of turnstiles and fans couldn't get in. All that needed to happen was for the match to be delayed and apart from tensions between the fans and police in managing the bottleneck outside Leppings Lane there were no issues and I attached no blame to the fans trying to get into the stadium. The deflection of blame onto those that died and supporters is what I find very difficult to deal with having been there myself. If that match had been delayed and the information had been relayed to fans outside that those with tickets would get in, there would not have been the urgency for fans to feel the need to get in the stadium."




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No evidence this week.


David Conn report from last week. http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/oct/22/hillsborough-senior-police-officer-apologises-misleading-evidence-inquest?CMP=twt_gu


The pen was so full of people, Hollinrake said, that once inside it, he lost control of his movements. A boy who he thought was about 10 opened a gate at the back to escape the crush, but Hollinrake said a police officer pushed the boy back in, and shut the gate. Hollinrake ended up down the terrace, with his midriff pressed against the metal crush barrier, 124A, “where I didn’t want to be”.
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Hillsborough inquest hears police gave ‘entirely false’ story about a forced gate




“And no alcohol was consumed inside or outside the ground?” Menon asked. “Correct,” Kirton replied. “Other than in the guest room of the club, obviously,” Menon said.



Kirton said as an FA official he was not aware of safety problems at the ground, he did not know people had been evacuated from the Leppings Lane terrace at the 1981 semi-final due to a crushing problem, and he said Sheffield Wednesday were regarded by the FA as one of the more professionally run among the Football League’s clubs. The FA did not regard Hillsborough as a “deathtrap”. he said.


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