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Top man.


Comedian John Bishop has donated £96,000 to the Hillsborough Family Support Group after being moved by personal statements delivered by the victims' families at their inquests.


The 47-year-old said "reading the statements has brought home to me once more the individual loss that so many suffered".


Ninety-six Liverpool fans died after a crush at the Sheffield stadium in 1989.


The support group said they were grateful for the donation.


The comedian was one of thousands of fans who paid tribute to those who died in front of the Kop at Liverpool's Anfield ground in the days after the disaster.


'Never walk alone'

He said that "in 1989, I laid flowers to pay my respects to those who had lost their lives and show support to their families".


He added: "Today, making a donation to help assist in bringing the end closer seems more appropriate.


"The dignity with which the families have sought justice for over a quarter of a century is a lesson to us all.


"They are the best of us and will never walk alone."

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Russell Brand accepts damages from S*n on Sunday

30 minutes ago


Comedian Russell Brand has accepted substantial libel damages at London's High Court over a S*n on Sunday story which claimed he cheated on his girlfriend Jemima Khan.


The 38-year-old sued the newspaper in January after it carried the story across pages one, four and five on 17 November 2013.


Brand has said he would be donating the unspecified damages to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

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Phil Scraton is appearing at the Writing on the Wall...The festival organisers say the meeting will "discuss the evidence which has recently come to light of police spying tactics, espionage, telephone hacking and the unscrupulous violation of privacy which has been secretly going on for too long."



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Fascinating, yet haunting, to read through the tweets live from the inquest today.


Jury is being taken through events chronologically from approx 2.30pm on the day.

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Fascinating, yet haunting, to read through the tweets live from the inquest today.


Jury is being taken through events chronologically from approx 2.30pm on the day.

Am I allowed to ask (are you able to tell me) who on Twitter is best to follow for this?

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I don't know if they are the best but I have been pointed towards:




He's not attending today, so I've been following:







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From Hillsborough Justice Campaign on twitter...don't know any more details





Further to our earlier post:


Broudie Jackson Canter Solicitors (@BJCSolicitors) require full or stub tickets for ANY area of the ground for either 1988/1989 (or both) Hillsborough matches. Please either:


a) call into their offices at 27 Dale, Street, L2 2HD (next door to Rigby's) where they will take a colour copy.


b) email tbreen@jacksoncanter.co.uk with a colour copy attachment (must be colour and BOTH sides of the ticket)


Any questions, please contact Tony Breen on 0151 227 1429


Many thanks.

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check out this fecker...





and then he later admits


David Conn @david_conn 12m


Ex #Hillsborough engineer John Strange has accepted his firm missed 4 chances to tell Sheff Wed capacity for Leppings Lane should be reduced


David Conn @david_conn 10m


Strange agreed that Sheffield Wednesday asked if Leppings Lane 1979 capacity of 10,200 still applied, and engineers Eastwoods said it did.


David Conn @david_conn 6m


Strange agreed that in 1986 & 1987 engineers Eastwoods missed 4 opportunities to tell Sheffield Wednesday to reduce Leppings Lane capacity.









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So apparently the sun have done a deal with Royal Mail and are sending a 'free' copy of their paper to every home in England next weekend.


L postcodes are exempt but loads with PR and CH postcodes are scheduled to get it through their letterboxes - and that's ignoring the countless other Liverpool fans around the country who will no doubt be pissed.


If we get one i'll be letting Royal Mail know exactly how i feel about it.

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I know we can't comment but f***ing hell, there's stuff in there that makes the hairs on my arms stand up.


Reading that in isolation, you get the impression that the disaster is largely about Sheffield Wednesday and their reluctance to deal with a fundamental safety issue. Whatever other mistakes were made on the day it was that club that understood they were in charge of a compromised area of a stadium.

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