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Very jealous. Saw them last a few years ago and it was the only gig that i have been too that I could describe as life-changing. A profound and wonderful experience.

I could have seen them in Kings Cross about fifteen years ago - couldn't get anyone else to go, straight from work, in a suit, not enough draw, a queue of grimbos stood in the rain and I bottled it. Shouldn't have but it was one of them. A London thing. What a divvy.

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I try and recreate the atmosphere of a gig as closely as possible by inviting some people I hate round to talk loudly about how wrong they are about things while holding their mobile phone screen in f

10 quid. They did do a cut to Shelter and the merch profits to the 100 Club.

I do not care for their music, but that’s great, fair play. 

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Stanley...was there much talk from him? last couple of times we saw him he told stories and interacted with crowd, but on Saturday night not a f***ing peep...


but the band were definitely tighter than the last one


and yes he has some voice on him.


small writing a go go.

Yeah, took a while but he did quite a bit. He stopped the gig at one point and did a q&a session, taking the piss out of the crowd, basically. Also did a very funny bit before the encore got going.

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