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If you go down to the woods today


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Even so, 50,000 acres is a pretty big reserve and, I think it's 'a good thing'.


And if walkers can't deal with a ravenous pack of wolves and a marauding bear or two then they should stick to strolling around the Cotswolds.



12 walkers were killed by cows last year. This should up the ante a bit.

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Bit misleading that. He doesn't want to re-introduce them to the wild, just create a fenced-in nature reserve.


Its a huge area though and landowners and farmers are always going to insist on their being a limit to their territory.

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Good idea. We need to rebalance the ecosystems. We have an absolute glut of deer here in New York becuase they have no natural predators. It's unnatural.


I'd clone and reintroduce megafauna of all kinds and get rid of the invasive species too.


Get things back to how it used to be.

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