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Alex Ferguson is a f***ing c***

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Doing a whole chapter on Liverpool is mental, regardless of what is in it


Especially given that we haven't exactly been a threat to him for most of his period of success.


The whole 'knocked them off their perch' thing is b******s too.


Arsenal and then Leeds had been Champions since we had been by the time they won it. We were already gone.


Maybe that is what rankles with him...the fact that he feels cheated out of having had that rivalry? Who knows, he's f***ing mental.


Not sure this should be in here anyway.

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"If you saw Jose and Rafa standing together on the touchline, you knew you could pick the winner."




what does that even mean?


That Mourinho is better looking and has an expensive coat.


Which if that is the criteria, f*** knows where it leaves Ferguson the bloated, blotchy faced sack of s***.


No way I'll be reading his book like but from the sounds of it it will be looked back upon as bizarre/laughable/an indictment of an awful human being. What on earth has gone through his head to write something like this? Pound signs? Or is he still that insecure that he has to put the boot in, in a Partridge-esque 'Needless to say, I had the last laugh' style?

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Great thread title, really portrays the depth of feeling.


Surely Rafa has to take it as a compliment. It would be different if he actually won nothing but given his record and what he did for the club when the American owners came in and saddled us with debt then he must smile to know that he was pain in the side for Ferguson.

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don't - and especially don't buy it. Don't think you need telling that though



Indeed - that is the only thing that will delay me reading it. I'll have to wait a few weeks till it makes it to the shelves of the pound shop.

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Anybody who stood up to the fecker gets it but only people he feels can't hurt him where it hurts.


Nothing on Magnier and rock of Gibraltar ...more money and power ... Same reason nothing on Glazers.. Would hurt him financially if they wished too.

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