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John Terry


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I wonder has Carra's brother been invited round yet.


it was my mate and ex-employee, not Carra's brother (unless he got up her first)


said lad is a good chancer and nearly married in to the Terry family money (plus the proceeds of shoplifting) but then reverted to type and f***ed it all up and got binned

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Another John Terry thread. I'm not going to look at the posts so far.


I bet he's still a c*nt. Good guess?


No he's not a c*** he's a MASSIVE, MASSIVE c***


Blank canvas, shed load of money and that's what he decides to have built? No accounting for taste I guess..

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Why would someone who earns £10m a year need to remortgage their house 4 times?



He owns the original house (which he struggled to sell) and building work on the new place ran way over budget ... so presumably he financed the build by way of a mortgage. Not that out of the ordinary, I wouldn't have thought.

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Mortgages at around 4%. Implies he's earning more than a 4% return somewhere on his money invested somewhere.

All sorts of deals though, when I worked on the mortgage policy side of a high street bank they gave Roger Black an interest-free million pound mortgage for being a London 2012 ambassador or some sh*t.

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