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Spent a lovely day in Hull watching some strippers in a local pub. In case that wasn't enough excitement the pub also had a raffle with first prize being a joint of beef.


Me and my two mates were in Corfu in 1981 and we picked up three rough lasses from Hull. They worked as fish gutters. Mine preferred to work without gloves. She had hands like Shrek. Frightening.

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Seems absurd that Merthyr Tydfil isn't on that list. They have their own 8 Mile Road there and everything.



Didn't they have a ridiculously big European tie once? Must have been the CWC but I seem to remember them being big news for ten minutes.

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Barry Town did. I think they played Inter Milan or maybe Porto at Jenner Park. Not sure about Merthyr though.



Sure they did. Seem to remember they spent ten grand on a stand then sold their striker to them for similar amount. Some lad who worked in a fish factory I expect.

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