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Anyone still play Champ Man 01/02?


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My problem with most of these was that too many games were like that infamous Jurgen Macho one but worse. 89 minutes of domination with an opposition keeper averaging 6.2 suddenly rating a 9 and then a last minute penalty / corner / freekick which the opposition scored from.

In CM 00/01 i went a season conceding only four goals at Anfield.

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Well i haven't doctored anything. Installed the game, then a patch, then a data update. Sterling also rejected the first contract counter offer and his demands jumped from £22,000 a week to £35,000. And the board were recommending i sign Clint Dempsey. Only 5 players on the bench, too.

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I used Daemon Tools. Mounted the image, click on the virtual drive icon in " My Computer " and it installed.


Can you see the virtual drive at all ? And if so, and you can see CM, then i think you need to right click on the exe file and set the compatibility.

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