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Congrats to Liverpool Ladies

charlie clown

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Firstly, well done to the ladies, a great achievement! Wel done to the club in backing them. Both my girls play and it's nice to see it being taken seriously by the club.


But what's with the Jen Chang reference? Someone else mentioned himin regard to the ladies but I never saw the story.

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Well done to them.


Can't get excited about ladies footy though - absolute crap to watch.


I've been doing my FA level 2 with a couple of the Bristol Academy ladies players who finished 2nd. Decent players but just decent, didn't stand out above some of the cow kickers on the course.

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Looking at it somewhat cynically, the investment in our women's team is a ploy to raise the club's profile in the US as Spike said. I don't mind that at all, and it obviously took a lot less investment to achieve this success with the ladies than it would do to achieve a similar level of success with the first team.


I was very happy to see them win it and watched the last two or three matches in full. It's not the same game as the men's but once you accept that there is still some good entertainment on offer.

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