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What are you looking forward to lads?


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Just thought I'd brighten the mood. I've got a few weeks off next week and I'm looking forward to "chillaxing" and getting some jobs done on the house. Maybe go away with the kids for a few days. Before that though I'm looking forward to seeing Joy Division reworked at the Phil on Monday. Longer term I'm really looking forward to skiing some time January ish.


What you got to look forward to? Hit me.

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I have a box of all sorts of food samples and I am happy with it.


What have we here... Pasta, chocolate, oil, truffles butter, porridge, chutney, green olive mayonnaise, olives, pesto, fudge, coffee, tea, beetroot juice, artichoke juice, some salad dressings, flapjacks and a balsamic vinegar with gold flakes in it.


And she wants to go the chippy...

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I'm looking forward to moving.

doing up a house at the moment. the walls are taped and ready to paint the ceiling. got to do that, paint all the wall, rip up carpet and underlay (glued on of course) then put down new underlay and wood floor plus re tile the floor in the entrance and utility room.


and actually move all the stuff we have in the current house.




deadline - 4 weeks, I have no time off work and I am working this weekend.



when I'm moved I'm not ever moving again... its very stressful.

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