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Mediterranean islands - holiday advice

charlie clown

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Thinking of taking the family away next year for a decent break on an island in the Med - Menorca and Corsica looks like possible options, as they both look like the type of places we like - less busy, more unspoiled, etc. but I have no idea about either of em as I've never been to either. Anyone else been? Recommendations about resorts, hotels etc.



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Been to Menorca twice the last couple of years with the kids and would recommend it highly. We stayed in Cala Galdana which is South East; small resort with very picturesque beach and some nice places to eat. Get a car though so you can travel to Fornells, Ciutadella and Mahon if you want a wider variety of restaurants. Fornells in particular is lovely. I think the north is generally quieter and less built up but the south has better beaches.

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You do plan ahead.


Fair enough. Not been to Corsica but heard good things.




was an article in the Sunday Times travel section about 3 weeks ago


would go for Corsica if I wasn't choosing Sicily or Sardinia

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I thought Corsica was fantastic when I went but it was 12 years ago so (a) it may have changed and (b) it wasn't a family holiday...me, my brother and a mate went walking the northern half of the GR20 for a week and and then spent a week on the piss.


Seem to remember lots of other tourists but very few British.


We started in Calvi (French Foreign Legion base, nothing special about it although it had a big beach with lots of topless women).


After the walk we headed down the west coast thrugh Porticio (nice enough resort town), Sartene (mad fortified hill town) and looped around to Porto Vecchio (loads of rich Italians with yachts).


Went past the Lion Rock of Raccapina - seem to remember a really nice beach there too.


Overiding memory was just of lots of incredibly beautiful women to be honest, whom we regaled with tales of walking the GR20 'pour les enfants malades' with varying degrees of success.

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