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Man United v Liverpool Football Club


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Right - Both teams are on the back of embarrassing defeats. Moyes has given them the hairdryer. An actual hairdryer. So they'll be snarling like yard dogs. Unless they don't actually listen to him. He'll almost certainly play a strong team though as they can't contemplate a defeat to us again, surely? We also need to have our game face on.


My team?



Kelly - Toure - Skrtel - Enrique

Lucas - Henderson


Suarez - Sturridge - Moses



Subs Jones-Sakho-Wisdom-Allen-Sterling-Aspas-Alberto

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Don't think either Toure or Sturridge will start as both are carrying knocks, I wouldn't be surprised to see Lucas miss out on the first 11 also.



Wisdom Skrtel Sakho Enrique

Allen Henderson

Gerrard Alberto Moses



Reckon Wisdom will come back in for this as the back 4 of all CBs was a disaster, same with Enrique, though Agger/Kelly would be option, both should start from the bench, I would like to see Alberto get 90 minutes in the Coutinho role, if he is going to get games then this is the type of one where he has to start, he had a few nice passes on Saturday and would want him to build on that on the back of a very good game for the U21s last week.


We cant be as s*** as we were against Southampton, but neither can the mancs be as s*** as they were against Manchester City.


Suarez on fire, mancs 0 Us 3 Suarez hat-trick.

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chance to get ourselves back on track and push moyes further out on that thin ice. huge match.


Yep. Be an amazing boost to put them out on their own patch. I hate facing teams when they've just had really bad results though. So often there's a reaction.

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F*** 'em. We shouldn't even turn up for it - just say we respect Mr Moyes but at this moment in time a meaningless friendly against a small club isn't what we need.


Then arrange a Wednesday night game against Morecambe instead.

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I have a concern that we're pushing Sturridge through an injury. I'd have him come on for Suarez, who's likely to tire during the second half.

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Their defeat yesterday will force Moyes to play his strongest team, he can't lose to us and City within a few days.

Agreed. It'll be played like a final. Cliche I know but Moyes needs to win. With this game and our next against Sunderland with a change of manager we're up against it a I feel.

Let's hope Luis hits the ground running which I'm sure he will. He's been playing well in internationals so can't be that off the pace.

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Bench :


Jones , Kelly , Sakho , Alberto , Aspas , Ibe , Sturridge


That's what I'd like to see us go with but , I imagine Gerrard would end up being in front of the back four and one of Henderson or Allen would end as the advanced role .

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Gerrard needs resting



Ideally yep , if Coutinho hadn't been injured and also Allen then I would have had one of them in instead of Gerrard before now once we get Coutinho back and Alen fully fit again then at least we are slightly better covered and may be in a position to rest him .

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I take it our priorities will be not to concede from set pieces and not be overrun in midfield - it's crucial we address these issues or we'll soon become also rans




to that end, 3 at the back, 5 in midfield and two up front





Skrtel Sahko Agger (Toure if fit)


Hendo Gerrard Lucas Allen Enrique


Suarez Moses (Sturridge if fit)




no way the hapless Moyes will have anything up his sleeve to counter that


if we sleepwalk our way in to this game without addressing the glaring problems we have faced all season I will be very very annoyed

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