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Quick question for anyboy who could be arsed.

Tobes Rafa

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I've been paying a standing order to a local home heating oil supplier over the summer months and have £400 in my account unspent. However we've decided that we're ready to make the change to Phoenix Gas before the winter kicks in. Am I enetitled to a refund of the £400 I have paid to this company since I will no longer have any need for home heating oil?


I am assuming yes as I haven't entered into a contract with them but they haven't answered my emails and some in work are saying no.


Any ideas?

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We had a similar situation in Ireland and I get that the laws are different but not as different as one may think. They aren't a bank and you can ask for any unused credit you have with them at any time. We used loads of oil the first year so were put on as high tariff, we've never used as much so we get it back whenever we request it

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