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By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans. By fans, for fans.


Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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With no naked flames nearby - imagine that barnet going up in smoke.


This 'twerk' name is new then, is it? What was wrong with 'rump shaking' as a term?


Wreckx-n-effect will be getting Pharrell on the case to write a new song for them.



Is your signature megadeth? :)

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Apparently it was all staged, just to prove people watch videos on the Internet, or something like that.


It was actually put together by Jimmy Kimmel (who comes in at the end with a fire extinguisher) a few months ago, and the girl is a stunt woman.



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She did seem to be too unscathed from the coffee table fall.


Yeah we all know the dangers of coffee tables


Rio Ferdinand During his spell at Leeds, the England defender managed to pick up a tendon strain in his knee watching television. Ferdinand had his foot up on a coffee table for a number of hours and ended up injured.


I was surprised that she wasn't dead to be honest.

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