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Welcome Thiago Ilori


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seems we missed his thread so lemme start it off:


best way to let him learn his trade would be to run as backup for lucas/gerrard when the game has been won so to say...reminds me of our legendary Carra and even Biscan the beast where they played there before eventually moved to centreback...with that kind of pace it hurts not too to place him as right back back ups....at least to give enuff worry to wisdom to pull his act together and work harder

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Mate of mine is a Sporting season ticket holder and he was surprised that we paid that much for a youngster who he says is far from being a star. Says he is quick, good in the air and knows what to do with the ball but lacks strength and still prone to the odd mistake.


Probably what you'd expect at that age.

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Didn't realize he was born in England. Apparently Hodgson is looking into him playing at International level for England. :(/>


I'm sure Young Tiago would be easily sold by Roy's vision of having him play in the same team as the white Pele (rather than say, Ronaldo), and the philosophy of lumping the ball as far as possible as quickly as possible.

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