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I'm going camping with the girlfriend and her family. Only problem is. I f***ing hate camping. I hate the thought of it, I don't like tents and quite to top it all off. I'll be driving all around the country that weekend so I can't seriously be arsed with it.


I've only been camping once when I was like 6 and I still have Vietnam flashbacks about that now, so any advice for a proper adult first time camper, because I don't think I can get out of this one.

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Let them stay in the tent. Book yourself into a hotel.


Tell her how you really feel about camping. You’ve known this about yourself since you were a little boy, and it still causes you anguish. It will continue to do so until you’re honest with yourself, and her, about your preferences. You can still have a nice time with her: you don’t have to sleep together.

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Her family will respect you for paying for a hotel room with money you've earned. Make sure they know you paid for it, and preferrably how much.



Not as much as they'd respect him if he nonchalantly informed that "it's alright I'll keep Dixie overnight up one of them dirty big trees"

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the family that lays together stays together.


Tents are an optional extra


Where are you off to btw? Don't suppose the idea of some cold cans in the sun, sitting on a beach, cooking your food on a bbq on the beach holds any appeal, if it gets too hot you could, er, go for a swim. Lucky Barstool!

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