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Please give money


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  • 2 months later...

Thanks again to all


I did it. Finished in 2 hours 47.


Miles 10-13 were the killers, some kids were handing out jelly beans at about 11.5 miles and that was exqactly what I needed at that point. I was feeling really hungry and had no energy whatsoever, but that little sugar boost got me over the line. Wasn't in too much pain until the final straight when I thought I'd try for a bit of a sprint finish and my legs just went "F*ck off".


It really hurts now though.



If you haven't got round to it, the site is still working http://www.justgiving.com/Sion-Lane2.

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Well done. Could probably have walked it in that time, mind.

It wasn't great when people dressed as a kangaroo, a penguin, and a polar bear overtook me.


Never mind the person with the 20 foot tall superhero marionette on his shoulders.

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Someone recently refused to spnsor me on justgiving cos they said the site took a cut. I said i didnt know. Now, I could google this and find out but why do that when this forum is known to be more accurate than google.


Done, btw.


Yeah they do


Justgiving take 5%

Virgin Money Giving take 2%


Done a couple of fundraisers for SCOPE over the last few years and they actively encourage you to use VMG as they get more of it

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