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This really got to me last night, maybe because Dan Collins is from the same area as me and could have been one of many mates of mine that went into the forces. The suicide video was one of the most harrowing things I've seen, fair play to the mother for letting it be shown. Some thoughts, mostly obvious and a bit trite, but it really hit these points home to me:


  • How young these boys are, 18 year old kids being sent off to kill
  • How as ever it is the working class that gets the sh*t, in any conflict, in any country
  • Why is it always the mothers who have to fight for justice? These women are at their lowest and the government forces them to dig even deeper to get what they should be entitled to - so many parallels with the Justice campaign
  • The number of our soldiers who have PTSD, imagine what its like for Afghans growing up now. There's a mental health crisis waiting to happen in that country, on top of anything else.
  • Another parallel with the Justice campaign, the dignity of those who have suffered in comparison to the underhand, mealy-mouthed tactics of the establishment.

I really hope something changes from this, but severely doubt it. Actually caring about the lives of soldiers would make a mockery of sending them to their death in unnecessary wars.

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If you state that you are anti war, people think you have something against the soldiers themselves, when its quite the opposite. The govt are willing to waste the lives of working class kids to pursue their failed foreign policy. They don't care about the aftermath , they don't care about the Iraqi's, they don't care about the mothers , they care only about big business and the banks in London.

To cover their tracks, they use the old crocodile tears, flags and patriotism . These kids have been fed this bull for too long and mixed with the lack of jobs, its economic conscription. The people in this country need to realise that the govt is at fault for the loss if their kids , they need to realise that those who do survive, may do so without physical wounds but will be forever scarred mentally.

We need to stop military recruitment in schools, we need to show more programmes like this and allow veterans to give the non patriotic view. From personal experience I have seen the effects being in the forces had on people in N.Ireland. It's not as simple as saying "that's what they signed up for ".

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I have a large degree of sympathy for the soldiers because a lot of em join up because the alternative is a life at the bottom of the pile - but at the end of the day they sign themselves up, so it's rock/hard place.


But it's all the 'Help For Heroes' stuff that really gets my goat though - the very fact that there is a need for organsiations like that means that there is a complete abdication of responsbility by the governmenet in the aftermath of the devastation they cause. On a case by case basis I have no problem with anyone getting the help they need, that it needs to be on that scale means that it should not be down to charities to manage it.


It makes my brain hurt thinking about the contradications and counter arguments involved.

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The programme made me really angry too. These guys are just too young and ill-prepared for war/combat. I would hope this now creates a focus to help guys sent off to fight and at least change the culture of not saying anything cos you're seen as soft. What way would those who send them off react if they witnessed a bomb cut a child in half before their own eyes.


I always chatted to squaddies on Botanic Avenue around Xmas time cos I felt an empathy with working class lads that maybe made the only job choice they could by joining the army, and the poor sods being put on patrol on the streets of Belfast at a time when they should've been with their families, which; no doubt; would've been worried sick that their boys would be safe.


Unfortunately, those that die in the "service of their country" are ceremoniously dumped on their kin without a bye-or-leave and left to deal with the after effects alone and are left with the only alternative of various charities to fill the void left by an uncaring establishment which sent them off to die in the first place.


It's more than wrong or reprehensible. The govt should be the ones providing full support for all serving soldiers and veterans. Just telling the NHS that veterans have priority is passing the buck.


This comes from someone brought up as a Catholic in norn iron, but soldiers, no matter where they are from, are just working class people that deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else, more so even for their service and sacrifice, enforced upon them by the govt.


But then, I suppose, any of us to expect these "rights" is probably pie-in-the-sky anyway.

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The suicide video was one of the most harrowing things I've seen, fair play to the mother for letting it be shown.


That was awful. Felt very uncomfortable watching that and don't think it should have been shown but i can see why the mother might want it showing.


The biggest tragedy to me is what on earth those people are dong over there at all. To lose your life for a just cause i guess is one thing but this?

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