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Dynamo Magician Impossible

Tommy Cockles

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Oddly I watch repeats of his show earlier.. Is good but so many obvious set ups like the 'there will be blood' thing and the tattoo one...

The London bus thing is a good stunt though



Think there's a false arm involved there......

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Doesn't really explain it though does it.

His right arm is fake, its part of the frame that's attached to the roof of the bus, which in turn will support a harness he's strapped into; his real right arm is just tucked into his baggy top.

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Caught a bit of him putting his arm through a glass case the other night, and twisting the iphone.


I've no idea how he did them.


Also so him produce the exact same amount of change from his pocket as a bloke had in his wallet. The guy's mate's face said it all.


Good fun.

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The bench press of 155kg was extraordinary. The reaction of the other blokes in the gym was remarkable fakery if so, they all looked genuinely stunned.



fake weights - there were clearly some people in on it




like when he merked Rio and his mates - he just crawled along the floor behind the bouncers and went out the door before re-appearing on the other side of the glass - everyone on the outside could see it

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