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Cricket Lookalikes


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just realised how many of our forumites look like cricketers - wondered if you had any others?


























Stanley Leisure








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any more of this, cobs?


like, loads more?



I thought 5 was a good start - i'd do one for your smithdown if I knew what you looked like (and if you looked like a cricketer)






he's a handsome looking fella but i'm not sure he's a cricketer

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I know what lots of forumites look like, but I don't know what any cricketers look like.



perhaps if I posted up some pictures of random cricketers you could put a forumite's name to them?

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1372255782[/url]' post='3452824']

I'm now picturing you as looking like this




Sadly I am getting that way, but without facial hair.

If you didn't know we have a new PM, as of today....


The Australian Labor Party is like the Australian cricket team. About to enter a battle they are about to lose, infighting and poor performance. They both make a change at the top but will most likely still lose.

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