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Excel help #666


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I have several thousand rows of data that contain numbers between 1 and 10 in columns A-J.


for each row, I need to flag where all the numbers in columns A-J are all the same (i.e. all 3, or all 10 etc...)


I'm sure there must be some way of doing this in Excel, but I can't work it out.


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)



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oh and use pivot tables


I'm looking at survey data, and want to know if people were paying attention (most likely they were not)... The same data in each column means they gave contradictory answers.


Not sure how a pivot table would help though... thought it would be more like a VLOOKUP or IF formula, since I need to be able to flag individual records rather than look on aggregate..

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in column k1 put =if(max(a1:j1)=min(a1:j1);1;0))


this puts a 1 in each column K when they're all equal and a 0 when they're not


you might need a , instead of a ;


Awesome - thank you very very much :)

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