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Dexy's Don't stand me down

Swan Red

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Available on Amazon for stupid money but I'm trying to track a copy down for a mate so if anyone can help us.


Is it really that good?


it's a bit overrated - and I really love the first two dexy's albums. It's good, it's a 7 out 10

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In my final year at university I got a bit obsessed by this record, probably in all honesty in part because of its mythical status, but I haven't listened to it for ages.


TIWSL is funny, daft, joyous and moving.


It's funny that Kevin complains about songs "all sounding the same" in a song whose riff is lifted from another song.


I suspect that some of it is a bit filler-ish but that's made up for by the brilliance of other songs.


Sadly I lack a turntable now so feel slightly frustrated that I can't go and put it on.


In other "lost classic" news, Mick Head's "The Magical World of The Strands" is available again.



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