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My mum scammed on the Internet


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Talking to my mum last and she said she replied to an offer for e cigs with some extras etc for a trial. Soon afterwards 2 amounts of money where taking from her MasterCard account. I tried to get a copy if the emails they sent her but they seem to have been deleted. Now I know she is a silly aul lady (71) etc, but us there any way if getting her money back via the bank etc?

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Issuer ?


Mastercard company - as its a Credit card any fraud is actually against the issuer and not your mum, so therefore the issuer should re-credit her card and then pursue the ones who have scammed her

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It's a danske bank MasterCard , so my mum should hassle them?


Yes. It's the banks money they have stolen, she just needs to report it.


You should really use your own card for buying a butt plug, e cigs indeed.

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