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LCD Soundsystem

Sir Tokyo Sexwale

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I agree totally. The fact that I heard them for the very first time only about a year ago is a bonus too as I'm still listening to them on repeat. Absolutely loving them!


After reading the article "Filling the LCD Soundsystem void" I will be checking out Win Win too.

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Us v Them shockingly excluding. A stunning track that is.


One of the best bands ever imo, absolutely brilliant. And they had Nancy Wang, possibly the coolest person in music just about.


You've said that before about her haven't you? Is she on your regular list when you crack one off? ;)

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Unbelievable band. All My Friends is one of the best songs of all time IMO, deserves its plaudits.


Us vs Them should definitely be in there, and should be top 5.


Wish i'd seen them.


Think Losing My edge & North American Scum are better vinyl tracks but live, nothing comes close to All My Friends, every time I saw them it practically provoked a riot


Yeah, Us v Them should be in there, morese than NY I love You

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