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Employment/redunancy advice.


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My good lady at present works in a Post Office, her present Boss is giving up the contract and they are in the process of seeing who is going to be taking it over.

She was verbally told that they would be getting made redundant, but now that it is getting nearer the time to change over to the new owners (still not known) her Boss is now telling her that the new owner of the contract will be taking over the redundancies (if there needs to be any??)

The Post Office is at present housed in a larger shop and its maybe a relative of the person who leases the larger section of the shop that is taking over, if the relative of the said person is anything like him then they are not the type of people my wife wants to work for!!

Anyone of the genny guru's up to speed with that side of Employment Law or able to point her in the right direction of good info.


Grounds for Constructive Dismissal??? ;)

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It may depend on whether her contract of employment is with the guy who is giving up the post office, or someone else. I have no idea how that works. However, as always, in matters of employment it is a good idea to get some proper advice from someone who knows the law.


Don't know whether CAB has any resources left for offering this kind of advice...but if they do, they are a good place to start.

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Cheers lads, put her onto the TUPE regs stuff, she basically has to resign if she doesn't want to work for the new owners?? Think her present boss is going to pay redundancy to the ones who dont want to move over, she doesnt have to by law but isnt a bad sort. Might change when it comes to the crunch tho.

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