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DLL help please


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Hi forum techies I'd really appreciate some help/advice please?


I run an old website that my company uses for accident reporting the data is held on an sql server and the code I think has been written in ASP.NET although the developers have long since left the company the only person who can support the site is my good self and all I can see are the pages of code ending in .aspx etc.


The company has been taken over so I am having to rebrand the pages which so far has gone fine but one aspect of the site is that accidents are reported via the web front end, saved to the sql database then the form/table is emailed to those concerned


On the email there is one section header that I cant for the life of me change the branding of and having done some digging in the code have found this header in the .dll file which I opened using notepad


Somehow I dont think that simply changing the text in the dll is going to work as apparently they have to be compiled - is there a way of doing this easily or am I scuppered? The server does not hold any software that creates the pages from what I can see


Any help or advice will be v welcome as its doing my nut! :wacko:

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