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(car) audio cable


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I'd like to listen to my ipod in my car and got a dension connector thingy. It appears i need an additional cable. Seeing as these are massively expensive (30ish pounds) and most audio cables just cost a couple of quid, does anyone know if i could combine 2 cheap cables to get a similar result?





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That's a pretty unusual connection combination, not sure you'll pick up cheap cables to do the job. This combined with a standard usb to apple connection cable could do the job. The yellow connection is a 9 pin DIN connection if that helps in your search.


EDIT - scrap that, that's a male USB, you need a female

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Do you not just need a 2 quid audio jack?


That is all I use.


Though admittedly I can;t change tracks, volume etc from my steering wheel controls.


Be gentle with me, this is my first foray into any sort of vaguely technical thread.

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