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So ...


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PLEASE folks I know people mean well but don't post loads of YNWA stuff, this is a happy day.



My 55 year old baby brother is marrying his partner of 9 years at 2.30pm. She's been diagnosed with lung cancer and he's making an honest woman of her, or vice versa, she's lovely and brave and cheerful and optimistic and I'm really struggling with the speech.


But I'll get there and then we're gonna have a party, whatever the future holds is beyond anybody's control.


I've not posted this for any other reason than to share.


One good idea me and the missus had was the wedding pressie, a mate of mine is a professional artist, he came down, took photo's of the pub at the end of their road, went back and did a water colour painting from the photo's, on the blackboard outside the pub instead of advertising the Tuesday night quiz night is written, Chris and Terri 21/03/13. It looks great. :)

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I'd keep it simple, you can barely remember your name never mind a whole speech. Also make sure you go to toilet before you start, we don't want you s***ting and pissing all over the Bride.

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paint the smokers outside the door then init

haha. then spend the speech tossing cigarettes at the bride while remarking that it's always nice to meet someone who will be dead before decrepit murph himself is.

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